12 Skin Conditions Commonly Found in Dogs

Aimee Beck
6 min readJan 14, 2021

The sight and sound of your furry friend licking or scratching its paws constantly can be very irritating. But it’s not always their fault. They could be suffering from any number of itchy, and sometimes painful, skin conditions.

From parasites to allergies or even a chronic illness, there are oh so many possible reasons your pup is uncomfortable in his own skin.

If your little guy has skin problems, it’s always best to check in with your vet to rule out any serious conditions.

Yeast Infection

What’s that smell? And why is Brutis licking and chewing on his feet so much? Sounds like he could have a yeast infection.

Not to worry, it’s pretty common, albeit unpleasant. Yeast, when balanced, is supposed to be on his skin. It’s when that balance gets out of whack that the excessive itching, licking and biting starts.

The infection usually affects areas where yeast has a warm, damp, cozy space to grow, like between the toes or in the ears.

Fortunately, yeast infections are easy to diagnose and often respond well to a topical cream. In some cases, your veterinarian may prescribe oral drugs or medicated baths.


Folliculitis is an infection that causes sores, lumps and bumps, and scabs on the skin. Again, though, it’s fairly common and relatively easy to treat.

Folliculitis is easier to see on short-haired dogs. If your dog has longer hair, you may notice his coat looks a little dull. Upon closer inspection, you could also see more shedding than usual, or even some scaly skin underneath his fur.

Folliculitis often occurs in conjunction with other skin problems, such as mange, allergies, or even an injury.

Treatment of folliculitis may include oral antibiotics and antibacterial ointments. Check with your vet to be sure it isn’t anything more serious.


A bacterial infection that tends to manifest in puppies. It causes pus-filled blisters that can burst open and spread.

The blisters typically develop on the hairless portion of a dog’s tummy. It’s rarely serious and can…

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