“According To” Snippets Showing Above Some Google Results

Aimee Beck
1 min readJan 5, 2018

Recently we read on Search Engine Roundtable that when you search Google for ‘top online marketers,’ Google will return a new type of featured snippet. They said:

“First, it shows the source, so in this case it says ‘According to entrepreneur.com.’ Then it shows thumbnail images of the first 6 listed, with ways to expand to show more or see related people to those listed here. And then comes the normal featured snippet.”

Here is the screen shot they gave:

So we did a little investigating on our own, but this is the only result we were able to manifest:

Similar, but we don’t see the “According To” reference or the “View 15+” and we’re not seeing any images.

Was this a short-lived test? If you’ve seen this, and if you can still see this, do let us know in the comments below.



Originally published at mediawisemarketing.com on January 5, 2018.



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