Are AI Machines Putting Your Writing Career in Jeopardy?

Aimee Beck
3 min readOct 17, 2019

Perhaps. But there is a way to protect yourself and your career.

There’s been a fair bit of talk lately around AI machines that will soon be able to write and produce content. That’s a scary thought for writers! But here’s the thing — those machines will only replace one kind of writing (at least in our lifetime), and that’s thin, low quality content.

So, if you’re writing 300-word blog posts for $10 each and you’re cranking them out at a super fast pace with little to no thought, effort or care, then yes, AI machines will definitely take over your job as a writer.

How do you prevent AI machines from stealing your job?

Continue to invest in your craft. Expand your knowledge, add to your skillset … be better than the machines. Here are just a few ways to safeguard your writing career:

  1. Find your niche. Choosing a specific industry to focus on can seem like you’re limiting yourself and your writing business. But you’re more likely to attract the clients you want when you’re niche-specific, rather than accepting any old writing gig that comes your way. Essentially, when you choose a niche, you become more attractive to potential clients within that niche — that makes you a BIG fish in a small pond.
  2. Upgrade your skills. There are a lot more writing jobs out there beyond sloppy, lazy blog writing. And the good news (actually, it’s great news!) is that those other assignments pay a lot more than what you’ve been earning so far. Learn to write case studies and whitepapers — the need is huge and the pay is great. Or maybe you’re more interested in User Experience, in which case you can learn to craft UX copy for ecommerce sites. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of SEO copywriting. If that’s of interest, check out our self-guided web writing course here.
  3. Add value. That’s where you really have the edge over the competing AI machine writers. You can add value — that human touch. No machine will ever be able to replace your ability to connect with a potential client, communicate with them, build healthy relationships with them, empathize, understand and cater to their unique needs … and do it all with a smile
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