Benefits of Biking & Walking Tours

Aimee Beck
3 min readNov 14, 2019

After you race around to get to your destination … sitting in traffic to get to the airport, racing to catch your connecting flight, pushing your way through the crowd to grab a bite to eat before hail a cab en route to the hotel … travel can be a whirlwind. Getting to your destination can be anything but relaxing.

That’s what makes walking about biking tours such a great way to slow down and actually enjoy your vacation.

When you’re walking or cycling, you have no choice but to slow down. The pace forces you to pay attention to what’s around you. It’s such a great way to be in the moment.

Whether you’re venturing out to explore new cultures, shopping or landscapes, a walking or biking tour can be the best way to see the sights … on your own terms.

There are two primary types of tours: guided and self-guided. Pretty self explanatory, but if you’ve never done either, let me explain.

Guided Tours

These tours are led by guides that have knowledge of the sites, or the landscape, covered on the tour. They explain and interpret various aspects of the destination, including historical, cultural and artistic significance.

Self-guided Tours

Just like they sound, a self-guided tour is a tour that is, you guessed it, self-guided. It allows you to explore the sites as you please, on your own time schedule. You can take your time to enjoy scenery without being rushed. And you can plan your tour as you like using your own maps, audio devices and reading material.

Benefits of Walking Tours

Taking a walking tour, whether guided or otherwise, offers an intimate experience with a city’s landscape or countryside, its history and architecture, its food and shopping, and its culture as a whole.

Walking tours are guilt-free and eco-friendly, too! Plus, you’ll get to walk along the same paths as historic figures and personalities before you. There are lots of theme-based walking tours out there worth checking out. Talk to a Travel Chick today for details!

Benefits of Biking Tours

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