Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) & what it means for your business

CASL 2014

CASL 2017

  • that have already opted in with “express consent” — in plain English that means they’ve opted in somewhere on your website — or
  • whose implied consent is currently valid under CASL — these are the folks that have purchased from you within the past 24 months, or who have inquired about your services within six months.
  • identify potential non-compliance issues
  • investigate and respond to consumer complaints
  • identify the need for corrective actions
  • demonstrate that these corrective actions were implemented
  • establish a due diligence defense in the case of a violation of CASL

What about email addresses that are clearly listed on websites?

  • There is no statement in connection with the address that the person does not want to receive messages at that address; and
  • The content of your message is relevant to the recipient’s business, role, functions, or duties in a business or official capacity.

How is the CASL enforced?

What does CASL mean for your business?



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