Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Aimee Beck
4 min readAug 20, 2019

The world of digital marketing is always changing, with trends that keep us all on our toes (those of us who actually want to stay ahead of the curve and be successful, anyway).

With information overload becoming the norm, it’s nice to know that trends in the digital realm can still be tracked.

After all — innovation is always happening, but humans need time to recognize and implement new strategies and tools in their marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing: Consistency is Key

You might already be familiar with some of the trends below, but they are only helpful if you actually apply consistent effort toward them.

Sure, the world of social media can seem overwhelming, but separating the value from the “noise” makes it possible to focus on execution, which leads to long-term success.

Regardless of your niche or experience, you can learn to effectively market your product or service — when you remain open to learning and evolving.

Key Digital Marketing Trends To Watch

Voice Search — Though traditional search is still the king, homes across the world now have smart speakers from companies like Amazon, Google and Apple. These devices are activated by voice search, and are used for everyday tasks such as ordering groceries or playing music.

Taking the time to learn about voice search and its increasingly evolving place in the digital marketing landscape is a wise investment.

Mobile Apps — One of the biggest keys to a successful mobile app is understanding what your target audience wants. Then it’s a matter of reverse-engineering it to create an app that keeps users informed, and makes it easy for them to take action.

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