Fall Head Over Heels For These 6 Fall Flavors

Aimee Beck
3 min readDec 2, 2022

November 26th 2019

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. The temp is dropping and that can only mean one thing … it’s time to start crafting all your favorite hot beverages! From apple cinnamon to pumpkin spice, we’ve got you covered with these fall flavors we just know you’re going to fall in love with.

Here are six warm beverage recipes to keep you nice and toasty during this chilly season. So put on your big fluffy socks, curl up under a warm blanket and let’s get right to it!

Is there anything more autumn than the aroma of pumpkin spice in the air? LovePeaceBeauty.com offers up the best pumpkin spice latte recipe in three easy steps. Spoiler alert: one of those steps is to add Torani’s Pumpkin Pie syrup! See for yourself how quick and easy it is to make a pumpkin spice latte you’re sure to love.

On second thought, maybe it’s the smell of apple and cinnamon in the air that gives you that warm and fuzzy fall feeling. If you’re more of an apple cinnamon person than a pumpkin spice person, you’re just like the folks at AsTheBunnyHops.com. Be sure to check out their super easy Apple Pie Frappe recipe featuring, you guessed it, Torani’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup.

Speaking of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup, have you tried it in a milkshake? Jenn from EverAfterInTheWoods.com shares her Churro-inspired milkshake recipe, which she says is just what you need for an apple picking or pumpkin patch kind of day. Get the full recipe here and let us know what you think!

Now we’re getting seriously decadent. Next up is the Kettle Corn Butter Pecan Shake from



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