Forget Everything You’ve Been Told About Content Marketing

What is Quality Content?

  • Does this help me in any way?
  • Did I learn something useful?
  • Did I have any sort of emotional reaction?

What’s the Value in this Piece?

  • I hope it helps you understand why your crappy conent isn’t performing well — and when I say performing well, I mean in terms of its ability to drive traffic and compel readers to engage and share it.
  • I hope it helps you understand the difference between quality content (helpful and entertaining content) and crappy content (puff pieces that clutter the web).
  • I hope it validates your argument (either to your boss, client or inner voice) that you should STOP producing content for the sake of producing content, and start producing information that people need and want.

Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Strategy



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Aimee Beck

Aimee Beck


Independent Content Marketing Manager | SEO Copywriter | Editor. Let me breathe new life into your web pages, blog posts and email campaigns. Email me today!