How to Write Quality Content & Cut Through the Digital Noise in 2019

Aimee Beck
3 min readNov 26, 2018

Content isn’t just pushing out a blog post every week, hoping people will read it. In 2019, content will evolve to become the most important part of what you deliver to your customers, from a marketing point of view. Forget one way push advertising! 2019 is going to be all about inbound marketing. With that evolution will come a need to take content — and its production — more seriously.

What is inbound marketing?

Instead of one sided conversations created by traditional marketing messages that are pushed out to customers and potential customers, inbound marketing opens a door for customers to come into your world via your website, learn from it, and open a discussion with you about how what you do can solve their issues.

Inbound marketing is also about:

  • Establishing yourself or your business as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Making your site the ‘go to’ for information about your industry.
  • Engaging customers once they’re at your site to develop a two-way relationship that both sides benefit from.

Content is about more than blog posts

Instead, think of content as the foundation of your marketing house. From a solid base of well-researched posts that tell a story, engage the reader and show them how their problems can be solved, you can build on many aspects of your marketing:

  • Branding: content that evokes your brand goes a long way to solidifying how people will view your company.
  • Bringing traffic to your site, which if engaged properly, can turn into leads for sales.
  • Creating the base material for a host of other engagement opportunities, including social media posts, podcasts, video chats, email newsletters, ebooks, and more! How you distribute your content is just as important, to be sure that the eyes who need it will see it.

For your existing customers, content will become the hook that keeps them on the line. If you can draw them in with your useful content and then keep them by teaching them more and more about how your services can help them, they’ll stay. They’re getting a lot…

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