Hurricane Policies from Travel Suppliers, Tour Operators & Airlines

Aimee Beck
4 min readOct 16, 2019

Of course we hope for the best weather as you venture out on your vacation, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Especially this time of year and especially down south.

Hurricane season runs from June to November with the worst of the storms typically happening in September and October.

In case disaster strikes, you want to make sure you know how you’ll be treated by your tour operator, airline, etc. Here are some hurricane policies from top travel providers …

Air Transat

AirTransat customers can choose to travel at a later date or they can travel to another destination served by Transat. Both options are available at no additional cost. Clients can also choose to cancel their bookings and obtain a full refund in credit vouchers.

Read about Transat’s Hurricane Policy.


Our hurricane/tropical storm promise:

We know that having your trip interrupted by a hurricane or tropical storm is frustrating. That’s why we’ve tried to make it as pain free as possible to re-accommodate your travel with the variety of options.

Please contact us as early as you can to ensure we are able to make the necessary changes. Hurricane/tropical storm travel advisories are issued based on information provided by the Canadian Hurricane Centre or the (American) National Hurricane Center.

If you have a WestJet Vacations Group booking, it is important to discuss your options with us. Please contact us at 1–844–213–5230.

Bookings made with AIR MILES® do not qualify for WestJet’s hurricane/tropical storm promise. You must contact AIR MILES® to change or cancel your reservation.


If a hurricane warning is issued within 7 days of your arrival date and you want to cancel or reschedule your vacation, what should you do with your airline tickets?

If you booked your air travel through the Walt Disney Travel Company and you want to reschedule, we will attempt to rebook your air travel. However, you will be responsible for any cancellation or change fees imposed by the airline.

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