Solo Traveller’s City Guide to Berlin

Aimee Beck
8 min readOct 16, 2019

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known as the former capitol of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), aka East Germany.

In addition to being a symbol of Western lifestyle for 45 years, Berlin’s status as an enclave made it an ongoing focus of confrontation between the Eastern and Western powers.

But for all its darker, war-torn days, modern-day Berlin is known for being one of the safer places for solo travellers.

Steeped in culture and rich with history, Berlin, Germany, is one of our favourite destinations.

Here’s why …

Places To See

Reichstag (aka Parliament)

Once just ruins of Berlin’s historic parliament building, created by architect Paul Wallot in 1894, Reichstag was rebuilt in the 1960s … but not to be used as a parliament building as originally planned.

The contract for the second reconstruction was awarded to British architect Sir Norman Foster, who won an international architectural competition.

In June 1994 the former Reichstag building was transformed into a modern, fully functional parliament building, carefully designed to include all the latest communications, office and workplace technology.


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Known as one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin, not to mention the most stunning north of the Alps, Gendarmenmarkt boasts a concert house (Konzerthaus Berlin) and two breathtaking churches, one Lutheran and one French Protestant. Resting in the heart of the square is a statue of poet Friedrich Schiller.

The square was originally built in the late 17th century and was designed by Johann Arnold Nering.

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