Transitioning from the Office to Working From Home

Aimee Beck
4 min readMay 19, 2020

Ah yes, having the option to work from home. A fantastic perk for the average office employee.

What used to be a one-off just a few months ago is now a government-mandated regulation. At least for the time being. We thought it would be a short-term scenario, but this new way of conducting business may be proving more desirable to many SMBs.

Let’s face it, there’s less overhead, fewer hours spent commuting, and many employees are finding a positive work/life balance. We’re proving that we are truly capable of being productive in our job even though we’re working from home.

You Don’t Have to Dress Up to Show Up

For the business owners who decide to give remote working an indefinite kick at the can, transitioning from a traditional work setting will, of course, require some adjustments. Not only by business owners, but by employees as well.

Last year, for example, staff would come together in an office setting, complete with computers, water coolers and a “9 to 5” schedule. The day was quite structured. As an employer, it was easy to keep tabs on everything and everyone. As an employee, it was easy to access information and collaborate with colleagues.

So how do you monitor productivity when you’re nowhere near your employees?

3 Steps for a Smooth Transition

Plan, plan then plan some more. To successfully transition from an in-office setting to a fully remote setting, planning is key. First, ask yourself:

Who will be working from home, and in what roles?

What do workers need to accomplish from home?

What software and hardware will be required to make that happen?

Is anyone apprehensive about working from home?

How can I improve processes for team members working from home?

Fortunately, modern-day technology has evolved to the point where just about any type of hardware needed to work can be moved to a home-based setting. It’s not like we have to deal with AS400s the size of your living room anymore.

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