Ultimate Guide to B2B Prospecting with LinkedIn

Aimee Beck
5 min readAug 26, 2019

Not so long ago, prospecting meant cold calls, sales letters and drop-ins. There was a lot of pavement to be pounded. Later on, it meant mass emails and telemarketing.

B2B Prospecting with LinkedIn

Of all the social media channels, LinkedIn is by far the king of B2B. It’s not a platform where you post selfies from last night’s girl’s night out. And it’s not where you show off video of your new muscle car.

LinkedIn is where professionals come together to network and expand business connections. And it can be a real goldmine of opportunity if you know how to leverage some key strategies.

So let’s talk about one way that we use LinkedIn to connect with potential customers on a regular basis.

LinkedIn Filters + Dux-Soup.

STEP 1: Setup Filter Search

Click in the search bar, then click “People”

Choose 2nd connections

Choose your location — start with US, then UK, then Australia, then Canada

Choose the industry — start typing it into the box then select it when it pops up

Choose your language — always English

Choose the title of the person you want to find — the decision maker

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