Web Writing Tips to Double (Even Triple) Your Conversions

Use you and your instead of we and our

  • “We sell great gadgets and our online prices are low.”
  • “Save your money! Order premium products online for less.”

Highlight the benefits not the features

  • Product benefits answer the question “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I care?”
  • Product features are things that make one product different from another.

Less is more

  • It’s a widget that is quite small in size and sort of bluish-green in colour.
  • It’s a small turquoise widget.

Use enticing calls to action (CTAs)

  • “Order” or “Buy Now”
  • “Send” or “Get the Free Widget”
  • “Submit” or “Enter to Win!”

Tell a story

  • I was chatting with a friend the other day at spin class and she complained to me how bored she’s with her workouts. “It’s the same thing every time, and I’m started to dread coming to the gym.” Her comment stuck with me as I went about the rest of my day and night. As I closed my eyes and began to drift off, it hit me! … and that’s when XYZ Fitness was born.
  • XYZ Fitness was founded in 2011 by Jane Doe. The company provides a variety of personal training sessions and workout classes on different days at different times so you don’t get bored.

Don’t try to be a comedian

Ask a rhetorical question

  • Want to learn how to write persuasive copy that gets ranked by Google? You’ve come to the right place.
  • Are you ready for winter? We’ve got snow tires for any car, truck or SUV.
  • Hungry? Two can dine for $9.99!
  • Looking for inspiration? blah blah blah
  • Tired of the same old thing? Offer the solution here.



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